About Us

We specialise in finding unique items, inspired by geek and popular culture – sourced from small independent sources around the world.

These are items you wont find in your local store, or on your supermarket shelf. They come from independent suppliers, and are not your typical mass-produced plastic clones.

We like to think they will appeal to people who are also individuals. Those that don’t just follow the crowd.

The items we list on our store all come from approved suppliers, audited for quality and conditions.

Due to cutting out several steps of the normal supply chain, these items can come more direct to you. We cut out a number of “middle men”, enabling us to sell them a lot cheaper than would normally be the case.

The only difference between ordering a generic, off-the-shelf product is usually the delivery time. We have done the hard work to find these suppliers for you, that craft wonderful, more unique items. If you can wait an extra 1 to 2 weeks over a usual delivery time, then you will be getting something a lot more individual, while doing your bit to put a dent in the global takeover of the biggest corporations.